Last week I finished my shalom cardigan. I had some trouble finding the right buttons (my mind was set on wood, but the shop didn't have the right size), but when I sorted throguh my own stash I found the perfect ones. Problem solved. And I kind of love that both the yarn and the buttons are thrift shop finds, so that makes this a rather inexpensive sweater...

The pattern is based on the Shalom, but I made a lot of changes. I used thinner yarn, so thinner needles, a bigger size (cast on more stitches), buttons all the way down and I added sleeves. It came out just the way I hoped.


Something to sit on

Somehow finding the right dining room chairs has been a struggle for me ever since we decided to get rid of the ones we bought when we got married.
It seemed logical back then. The chairs were old and cheap thrift shop finds and at that point we were buying modern and new furniture for our new house (the house before the one before this one -  this was 20 years ago, oh my).
I wasn't too happy about the new chairs and we switched them again and again and a few years ago I landed om some cheap ikea chairs because I just couldn't find what I really wanted within my budget. Oh well. They did the job. After all, you need chairs just to have something to sit on, don't you?

But every once in a while I thought about those very first chairs. Sturdy, simple oak chairs that probably would still be sturdy and useful. And that would fit our style once again (the modern look didn't last long - it just doesn't feel right for us).
So, last week I found these chairs at the thrift shop. They're less simple then our old chairs (that didn't have the woodcarving nor the cushioned back), but they feel the same. Old, sturdy, lasting a life time. So home they came.

It's like they've always been here. I love them.


In my knitting basket

Since my basket seems to be bursting at its seams lately, I thought it would be fun to take a look at what's inside.

First a finished object. I've always loved the crochet grocery nets that pop up on blogs regularly, but I never felt up to the challenge to make one myself. Luckily I found this knitting pattern.

I still have to test the bag in real life, but it's amazing how much it stretches. I think I'll make some more soon. I already have some requests by my girls  ;-)

Next up: a cardigan. It's based on the Shalom pattern, but since I have thinner yarn and a bigger body than what the pattern is intended for, it will be different. I also want to be able to button it all the way down and if there is enough yarn left I'd like to add sleeves. So I guess it's only the yoke that's really based on the Shalom. Anyway, I think I will actually wear this one. The yarn is thrifted, but as far as I can tell it is real wool, so it will be a great warm sweater.

And then there's this. I was browsing my own archives a few weeks ago and I found the scrap blanket that I started knitting when Amanda Soule started hers. I found pictures of it that is, since I threw it away when I thought I would never be knitting again because of the pain in my hands. Well, I am knitting again, I still love seeing her blanket every once in a while and I was also slowly accumulating some odd balls of scrap yarn, so I thought I'd start one again.

Well. that's what's in my basket right now, except for the little pink pouch that holds my notions and a notebook. I am itching to cast on some other projects though. I like to think that I'm a one project-at-a-time-knitter, but sometimes I seem to catch a bit of startitis. And I'm already doing that blanket on the side, so... Hmnn ;-)



Oh, I have so many plans... I want to start cooking more than the things I've been making over and over again for months now, I want to dust off my sewing machine (to use it), clean the house thoroughly, plan the garden (this year I will grow vegetables again)... the list goes on and on.
There's this deadline that has been bugging me. I've been working on this new (10th!) novel for almost a year now and I really, really wanted to finish it before 2016 started. I even promised my publisher I would.
Well, I didn't (luckily my publisher is very understanding about the health issues around here).

Then last week I thought I was finally getting there. I was on a roll, actually. But than I got sick again (just a normal case of the flu this time)...
So I guess this will be all (well, most) what I do for a few days (weeks?) more.

(luckily I like this story and the people in it - I just wish they would be more clear about where they're going)


An even warmer neck

The receiver of the white cowl (4th picture in this post) was pleased with the design, but she stated she would use a scarf when it was really cold, since it was rather wide and therefor not suitable for colder weather.
Hmn. Okay...
So I took the challenge and used the same yarn (two threads Sparkle byZeeman and 1 thread Royal by Zeeman held together) to knit another cowl, that would be closer to her neck. My first trial involved flaps and splits, but it looked awful, so I frogged that and knit this simple ribbed one.
Mission accomplished.

She doesn't really like how it looks though (I don't either, but it's practical and warm). Yesterday I saw that she solved that problem herself , by wearing the first, wider, cowl over this one, creating an even warmer cowl that looks great as well. I think she may be on to something...


Lazy again

Some Dutch readers told me that "drop stitch" is called  "lazy wife's stitch" in Dutch. So what does that say about me and my cowls? Hmn.
Oh well. I did it again.
This time I used another pattern that I saw at Soulemama. It's different because it creates waves by doing double and triple yo's. I love how that looks.
I used one skein of Julia yarn by Zeeman on 7 mm  needles. That was all I had and it makes a scarf long enough to wear under a coat.