366:: 64-77

The flu caused a bit of a hiccup in my daily picture taking. I just couldn't get myself to do it for a whole week. So yesterday I did a bit of catching up... (at least now the numbers make sense again)


For groceries and feet

I finished the third bag. And yes, that's a silly picture, but at least it's different from the other two ;-)

And then I started another small project. Simple house slippers, from this pattern. I used some leftover yellow yarn from this cowl.

Love them. So warm, so soft. So... I'm kntting another pair (still had some yellow yarn left).
I guess I like to knit things over and over again (remember Soulemama's hat pattern?)


To hold even more groceries

After I finished the first, my mother and the girls started hinting that they'd like a grocery net too. So I made another one, in white.

And since I had quite a lot of both colors left I started a third one.

I'ts kind of boring to blog about, but luckily, they're actually quite fun to make ;-)



Well, I finally did some sewing. Months after promising one of the girls that I'd make her some pillows I actually did it. That's the good part.
The not so good part: it took me hours to just sew some squares... Oh, and zippers, that too, but still. I definitely need to practice a bit more. Next on the list: a tea cozy (the last one had a little accident on the stove).



Last week I finished my shalom cardigan. I had some trouble finding the right buttons (my mind was set on wood, but the shop didn't have the right size), but when I sorted throguh my own stash I found the perfect ones. Problem solved. And I kind of love that both the yarn and the buttons are thrift shop finds, so that makes this a rather inexpensive sweater...

The pattern is based on the Shalom, but I made a lot of changes. I used thinner yarn, so thinner needles, a bigger size (cast on more stitches), buttons all the way down and I added sleeves. It came out just the way I hoped.