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Knitting: I cast on a hat last Monday, but this morning I frogged it. Too small. Oh well, it was the distraction I needed at that point and I'll cast on another hat with that soft grey yarn soon. But first I'll start something with that lovely green yarn my sister gave me.

Reading: The girls got me that magazine. I love looking at cozy pictures like that, though I learned the hard way that it doesn't translate too well into my own home and life. I'm also reading another Nora Roberts trilogy and when I finish that I look forward to read some Christmas stories.

So what are you knitting/making and reading?


On Tuesday

I know, I'm a day late. But yesterday was hectic and I still wanted to join the fun. so here's my Happy Homemaker's Tuesday.

As I look outside my window:::
sunshine! It's cold and frosty. I love that. So much better than our usual rainy days.
Right now I am:::
At my desk and my bigger screen since we discovered that my laptops screen is giving me headaches. Also, it's better for me to work from a set place, not from the couch.

Thinking and pondering:::
Hmn, I'm not sure if I should elaborate on this, but I'm partly thinking about family, what to accept lovingly  and where to draw lines. And partly about how much priority writing should have in my life. That has been a struggle ever since my first book came out. Balancing ambition (sell more books, make a living writing), reality (I do make money with it, but very little. I do have a publisher and readers, but I'm not at the top of any list) and other important life goals (my marriage, my family, my home) is really hard for me.

On my bedside table:::
Just my alarmclock, but it's running slow (right now it's 17 minutes behind - oops), so I never really use it. My husband has an alarm at his side of the bed and we get up when it goes. It's one of those alarms that starts with a light that keeps getting brighter. It doesn't beep, but plays birds singing louder and louder when it goes off. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing.

On my tv:::
Nothing. I don't even feel like watching youtube.

Playing on the radio:::
Radio 10. They have the Top 4000 right now, running from Nov. 30th till Christmas Eve. The higher numbers are fun to listen to, because a lot of them are forgotten songs that somebody decided to vote for. And getting closer to the top, it's more and more great songs that I love to hear.

On the menu for this week:::
I really don't know. I have some onion stew left over from yesterday, so I guess today I'll add some veggies and have an easy meal. I'm craving simple meals, just mash or something like that, so I guess that's what we'll eat for a few days. We have some great plans for the weekend and will be eating out a lot.

On my to do list:::
- Clean up after Sinterklaas festivities (Saturday we had my extended family over -11 people- and yesterday our own little family -5 people-, fun but messy)
- Some bookkeeping tasks (taxes)
- Deciding on and finishing the last posts for the year on my writer's website

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I started a hat yesterday to help me through a difficult group conversation (knitting helps me to focus on what's being said, and protects me from channeling other people's feelings). I also want to start working on a cowl from the lovely skein my sister gave me.

My simple pleasure:::
cleaning up after holidays. I love remembering how much fun we had with every piece of paper I pick up.

Lesson learned the past week:::
That I need to be honest to myself. Even if that means that I can't please everyone.

Looking around the house:::
I think it's good that I already decided to make cleaning and decorating it a priority these weeks. Ahem ;-)

From the camera:::


You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us. The things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don't want my pain taken away. I need my pain. (Captain Kirk - Star Trek The final frontier)


Yarn along

joining Ginny's yarn along

Knitting: Only three squares to go! Looking forward to starting something different. Thinking about making other gifts (since I'm so early - do I miss the last minute stress? I guess so).

Reading: I wanted something simple to read while thinking about my own writing, so I reached for The Gallaghers of Ardmore by Nora Roberts. One of her trademark trilogies; lots of romance, family and friendship, a bit of a fairy tale ghost story and so much love for Ireland that I want to visit that country more than ever (but I have yet to convince my husband to spend a  much needed vacation in a region that has even more rain than we do).

So what are you knitting/making and reading?


Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra at Diary of a stay at home mom


The weather outside is ::::
well, it's November, in the Netherlands. so it's cloudy and dark and rainy.

On the breakfast plate this morning ::::
Two cooked eggs. Always. Enough for me to keep going till noon. (and coffee, of course)

As I look outside my window :::
We had a storm yesterday that blew off a lot of the leaves of the tree I see from my window. Sad to see them go... I can see the "for sale" sign at the neigbors now, though. Hope it changes to "sold" soon, that house has been empty too long.

Right now I am ::::
Thinking about cooking and cleaning, but I'm supposed to be writing. I finally found out what's bothering my main characters so I hope I can rewrite the first part of the book and then finally get going on the rest.

As I look around the house ::::
I'm glad to report that last weekend's renovation mess is cleared again. We tore down a wall (don't know how to say that in English, a wall that's built in front of an outside wall for isolation) and built it back up again. Next week will be all about the wall paper.

On today's to do list ::::
- cleaning (finished - sort of)
- laundry and change beds (half way through)
- write blogposts (in the middle of it)
- make soup
- a skype meeting with the committee of the Dutch Romance Writer's Association (I volunteered to be their new secretary after February, but I'm joining meetings already to prepare to take over from the current secretary) (had the meeting this morning)
- work on book (started)

Happening this week ::::
nothing special.
I want to do a deep clean of the kitchen before I start baking and cooking for Sinterklaas. Oh, and I need to sort through the gifts I already bought and buy the rest of it.
I also hope to get a lot of writing done. I sort of gave up on Nanowrimo already, but I hope to get back on track with that book. And then there's that story I want to finish for a contest.

Currently reading ::::
Nora Roberts. I somehow always end up reading her books as inspiration when I'm deep into writing myself

On the TV today ::::
We don't have/watch TV and I try to keep myself from watching Youtube. I have to admit though that this morning I watched John and Sherry's new house tour.

On the menu this week ::::
I don't menu plan, but I need to make stew (bought beef for it that needs to be used by tomorrow). I guess I'll combine that with some mash (kale, carrot/onion or sauerkraut). And I bought chicory that needs to be used this week.

What I am creating at the moment ::::
Still working on the potholders, but I am getting there. Only four squares to go.

New recipe I tried or want to try this week ::::
If I can find the time I'd like to try these gluten free cinnamon rolls

Favorite photo from the camera ::::

Inspirational Quote ::::
The secret of getting ahead is getting started - Agatha Christie


A hat for fun

Last Friday night I turned off my computer for the weekend, reached for my knitting basket and decided that in fact I really didn't feel like knitting. So I did a bit of light reading (Nora Robert's Gallaghers trilogy). About half way the book I suddenly realized I did feel like knitting, but I just didn't want to make potholder squares (still 12 to go).

So I grabbed some scraps of yarn and decided to make something fun. A hat. Yes, that's what I call fun ;-)
I didn't really have a plan, just picked some colors that looked nice together and started to knit something not plain garter or stockinette.

I messed around with twist ribs, a bit of texture and even cables.
And on Sunday morning I ended up with a hat that is actually wearable.

Maybe I should just give them all hats (again)...


Yarn along

I'm joining Ginny's yarn along today.

Knitting: Yeah, I know, I'm boring. Still potholders. Progress is slow. I haven't been knitting a lot these days. Mostly because I'm writing a lot (trying to do Nanowrimo this month - I will post about that soon, I hope). My hands need rest after full days on the keyboard.

Reading: Same story. When I'm writing, I hardly read. I am reading bits and pieces of the book pictured though. I don't think there's an English edition, but the title would translate as "Food on earth". It has lots of information about historic and recent food related traditions all over the world, accompanied by traditional recipes. So far, I like it.

So what are you knitting and reading?